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About is an informative training guide that aims to help you learn, trade and invest in the forex market. It is an introduction to foreign exchange trading designed to provide tools, information and resources to traders who want to gain more knowledge of how the online forex market works. also covers the day-to-day mechanics of the FX market and how to develop winning trading methods and it is more than just a simple manual that delivers insights into some of the most widely used concepts used in forex trading.


Accompanied with real trade examples designed to maximize a traders' exposure to the mechanisms of forex trading, forex charts, systems and forex strategies. Separated into several sections, covers all applicable topics in forex trading. gives traders easy-to-learn strategies, which will help them, make the best trades possible. fully explains successful forex rules used in trade management. Also explained is how to manage risk, how to use trading platforms, and how an individual retail Forex trader can build a system. also explains how to summarize these forex rules into a comprehensive Forex Trading Plan.


A Forex Trading Plan is the most useful tool for a trader to have. It's the same as a business plan. All successful businesses have good business plans and this is the same case when it comes to trading forex. A forex trading plan is a systematic approach to currency trading which will control all aspects your currency trading.


High Probability Trading Strategies covered teach traders a step by step unique and practical approach to analyzing market behavior, identifying trade setups, executing and managing trades from entry to exit in a way that both minimizes risk and generates profits.


Filled with in-depth insight, practical advice, and numerous screen shots that illustrate what to expect inside a broker's trading platform, will guide you through the complexities of FOREX trading and put you on the road to success.


The lessons have been put together in a systematic format, from the basics of forex trading to the more complex concepts of forex trading.


The lessons have been comprehensively summarized to provide beginner traders with all the forex knowledge and skills that are required for successful forex trading.

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